Photograph provided by  Kaela Mey Photography ©

Photograph provided by Kaela Mey Photography©

Child & Family Therapy 

I believe when a child is struggling, problems are best solved with the assistance of family members/caregivers and loved ones. That is, no one loves your kid more than you, and rest assured no one would go to the lengths of the earth to help them like you would. I recognize it can be incredibly frustrating and painful to know your child is struggling and not know what to do to help. I'm here to help you figure out the best way to get "unstuck" and moving forward again. I offer this type of therapy to children 7+, including young adults. 

Some families come to therapy for a short period of time to address specific behaviors, while other families have more to unpack over a longer period of time. Wherever your family is, you are welcome here. Whether you're facing persistent family conflicts, emotional or behavioral problems that are affecting school and home life or would just like to be able to communicate more effectively with you child(ren), family therapy might be helpful to you.